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We obtained a grant from European Funds

BIM ENGINEERS Sp. z o.o. received a grant for implementing the “Optimization of design services, through the implementation of the AEC COLLECTION technology” project under the ARP SA – Open Innovation Network project, Measure 2.2. Smart Growth Operational Programme, Open Innovations – supporting technology transfer, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, grant agreement no. SOI/TT/13/2021.


The purpose of the project is to introduce process innovation at the enterprise level through the acquisition of intangible assets in the form of the software Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection, i.e. a set of computer tools collections allowing for the preparation of complete documentation of construction products and industrial structures and the creation of their digital brother. The technology allows for a comprehensive architectural and engineering analysis and the preparation of design and technical and operational documentation in integrated CAD/CAE/PDM tools following the innovative BIM (Building Information Modeling) ideology, i.e. the concept of building information modelling.

The investment will contribute to:

  • Modernization, modification, optimization and improvement of the process of providing services in the field of design and modelling of sanitary, mechanical and electrical installations in residential, office and industrial buildings, as well as in the field of building scanning and architecture modelling.
  • Savings in the budget and profit of a given project thanks to the optimization of the design service;
  • Effective work of designers;
  • Sales increase;
  • Revenues growth;

The value of the project: 877 113,82 PLN
Eligible expenditure: 713 100,67 PLN
Contribution of European funds: 570 480,54 PLN